Mohammed’s elective 2023 – UK

In July 2023, Mohammed went on his elective to Birmingham Hospital, UK. His experience focused on general surgery. Check out his testimonial and photos.

“This letter is to thank the FQMS for supporting my medical learning trip to the UK. I did it in the Cardiology department of Good Hope hospitalBirmingham. It was nearly impossible without them to do such an opportunity. Such an opportunity allowed me to make sure that I am going to specialise in Interventional cardiology” Specialty that we in Gaza don’t have enough doctors to cover it”, has strengthened my English language and also encouraged me to begin learning the German language.

It all started when I first heard Dr. Anwar talking about the possibility of covering The 5 best students among us by FQMS. It encouraged me so much, and so, I began searching hardly for the placements all over the world. I started searching for placements in Germany, UK and UAE or any of my placements to be successful. I did whatever I am able to do. For example, I started learning the German language from scratch, have strengthened my English language and also started reviewing cardiology medical know ledge passionately. As a result, today I am able to speak English fluently, I have finished the B1 level in the German language, and I am more than good regarding cardiology. Without the support, I would never have been able to even think of any of these things. After a long time searching, I have been accepted to do my placement in the UK, Birmingham, Good Hope hospital, Cardiology department.

We here in Palestine and Gaza do not have enough income to c over such trips, and that is due to the shortage of salaries and support. The support allowed me to discover new cultures, new people and added a lot to my medical knowledge and life skills.

At the end, I would like to thank you in three languages.

Arabic Shokran شكراً

English: Thank you

German: Vielen Dank

And I hope I can join you in the future to support other medical students in fulfilling their dreams and continuing their education, and this is awesome doing”

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