2023 Gaza: Emergency Appeal

Last updated 22 November 2023

The Gaza Strip is a small zone (45km long by 12km wide), home to approximately two million Palestinians. So far:

  • 13,000 Palestinians were killed including 5,500 children;
  • More than 230 healthcare workers were killed.
  • 33,000 Palestinians were injured;
  • 1.1 million people were ordered to move to southern Gaza;
  • More than 1,5 million people were forced to flee their homes;
  • 25 out 35 Gaza’s hospitals “out of service”
  • *The figures have been reported by the Palestinian health ministry, Palestine Red Crescent Society and Israeli Medical Services.

The situation is dire, described as the toughest escalation in recent Palestinian history.

FQMS supports the two medical schools in Gaza. Our students and their families are living through horrendous conditions. The siege now includes a complete power cut and the barring of entry of food and daily supplies. 

FQMS will support the students to help them continue their education and the medical schools in rebuilding what is being destroyed.

Gaza in figures:

  • 2.3 million total population.
  • 47% are children.
  • 1.7 million live in refugee camps.
  • Only 1% of Gaza’s population has access to safe drinking water.
  • 53% of the residents living in extreme poverty.
  • 44.1% is the unemployment rate.
  • 80% of the population rely on international humanitarian aid to survive.
  • 70% of the Gaza population are refugees.
  • All areas in the Gaza Strip suffer from scheduled electricity outages of 12-18 hours a day, while densely populated areas are most affected.
  • For more than 16 years, the Gaza Strip has been under blockade.

Briefing and Newsletters:

Check out our briefings and newsletters regarding Gaza’s dire catastrophic situation.

Updates from our partners:

The FQMS family mourns the death of so many doctors and medical students in Gaza.

Damaged medical schools in Gaza:

Israeli officers rejoice as they blow up a medical school campus in Gaza. No joy in destroying education.

Updates from our students in Gaza:

Dr. Hamza Elyasji is an emergency doctor at Al-Shifa Hospital. Here is his message from Gaza to the world. 18 October 2023.

A message from Dr. Suhaib Alhamss at the Kuwaiti Specialist Hospital in Rafah , the only surgeon there. He calls for foreign medical delegations to go to Gaza to help, as Palestinian medics are exhausted, expiring and are few in number.

Translation of the audio:
“Hello Doctor. We are still receiving scores of dead and injured and corpses with many missing. The barbaric bombing continues to this moment but we are steadfast and continue working. The health in Gaza collapses more and more. Some hospitals have been shut down. Three governmental. Hospitals have shut down. It’s catastrophic in every sense of the word. Please encourage medical missions to Gaza. Perhaps it’ll lessen the impact of the bombing. God reward you all. They say missions may come in on Saturday and I wish there would be foreign missions to help lessen the bombing and their embassies will look after them.”

Dr sUHAIB Alhamss, 19 oCTOBER

A Message of hope. Hisham and Jamal, our graduates of the undergraduate scholarship programme implemented in collaboration with Madrinha-Trust. Despite the horrible conditions and escalation in Gaza, they save lives and spread smiles.

Yesterday, I met Jamal at the hospital. He and his family are all OK, and we are sending you much love.

hisham, 23 OCTOBER

If you would like to support our efforts in this emergency appeal, please consider donating through post, bank transfer or by clicking the link below.

(Last updated: 24 October 2023)