Dr Assef Jawaada – 2023

Postgraduate training programme

Specialty: Endocrine Surgery

“Palestine is known to be one of the highest intellectual countries in the world with illiteracy rates as low as 2.2% despite the occupation policies of pushing Palestinians away from education, knowledge and training. This also implies to the medical education with seven medical schools in the West Bank and Gaza strip, many of their graduates are enrolled regularly in the national medical residency training program in multiple different specialties.

The training programme in general surgery provides the trainee with the knowledge and experience needed to become a competent and safe surgeon, however it has some limitations and challenges. One of these is the absence of high level subspecialty training in specific niche surgical sectors, one of these is endocrine surgery.

Since my first years of training, I have been fascinated with the surgical problems and management pathways of endocrine diseases affecting the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands. I always dreamt of obtaining a higher level of training in this field, which unfortunately was not available in Palestine, both as training and as a service as there are no endocrine surgery subspecialists back home. Thankfully, Juzoor and FQMS gave me an amazing opportunity to chase my dream and provided the support and assistance needed not only to find an appropriate high level hands on training post in one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world, and financially aiding in accommodating in an expensive city as London, but also and most importantly on the personal humane level from the time they first met me to discuss the future plan back in 2018, to the friendly meetings when I first arrived to London in 2022 and the continuous support during the whole training period. I felt being in a family and part of their community.

I had a wonderful experience during the two-year training period in endocrine surgery at King’s College Hospital, both on the personal and professional levels. Not only I obtained the proper high-level knowledge and surgical skills to help in providing the best care for my future patients, but also has changed me personally by exposing me to completely different cultures. This would never have happened without the help of both Juzoor and FQMS for which I feel so grateful for making the dream come true.”