Emergency Support for Palestinian Medical Students studying Outside Gaza

There are many Gazan Palestinians studying medicine in schools around the world. Most of these students have now lost their sources of income as result of the destruction of Gaza. They are unable to pay their rents or their tuition fees and may not be able to meet their living expenses.

FQMS does not normally have projects working with medical schools outside Palestine but this need is massive and urgent.

We are launching an emergency, extraordinary campaign to raise funds to help Gazan medical students studying outside Gaza with immediate effect. This will provide them with tuition fees and a basic living allowance. As an example, in Egypt, students need approximately £1500-2000 every 6 months. We have identified 30 needing students in Egypt so far.

If you are a medical student studying abroad, please complete this application.

Donate by following the link below.

If you have questions, please contact: admin@fqms.org