2023/24 – Gazan medical students stranded abroad

FQMS is assisting medical students from Al-Azhar University and the Islamic University of Gaza who have been stranded abroad due to the war on Gaza. These students are provided with financial assistance to cover their living expenses until the war ends. We have collected testimonials from these students who told us their heartbreaking stories and experiences.

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11- Testimonial from Mohammed

“I am one of the medical students who was affected directly by the ongoing war. I am trapped outside Gaza, without support, cut off from my parents, and in a lost space. Hence, I cannot resume my studies after ending my cultural and medical elective in September 2023, nor can I continue anywhere. I was about to return to my home country on the 10th of October. Unfortunately, it seems, at least for Palestinian medical students sharing the same situation, like life went into a coma after the 7th of Oct. It’s devastating to my motivation. This grant, presented from FQMS, gave me a push in the ocean of uncertainty to continue finding my way to medicine I deeply appreciate your kind support and I hope this extends to enable students in our case to resume their studies and achieve their dreams.”


12- Testimonial from Islam

“My name is Islam, and I am a sixth-year medical student at Al-Azhar University in Gaza. I traveled to Egypt in October of 2023 to represent the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations at a regional WHO meeting in Cairo. Since then, I have been stranded in Cairo. FQMS has been the single most supportive organisation during this difficult time away from my family. They have been stuck in the war zone that is Gaza. FQMS has provided wonderful support to Palestinian medical students stranded abroad, such as me. This is in a time when we collectively felt lost and uncertain about our futures. I extend my deepest, heartfelt gratitude to FQMS for the many manners of support they have provided me since the beginning of the war”.


13- Testimonial from Yousef

“I’m a third-year medical student at Al-Azhar University in Gaza, Palestine. I have faced challenges due to the events of October 7th which have affected my family’s income and made it difficult for me to continue my education. With my family in Gaza and me alone in Egypt, communication and financial support have been limited due to the ongoing war. Thanks to the assistance provided by FQMS, I have been able to cover basic living expenses such as food, rent, and clothing. I am extremely grateful for their support during these difficult times”.


14- Testimonial from Byan

“I am Bayan, a fifth-year medical student at Al-Azhar University in Gaza. I left Gaza during the third day of the war and currently reside in Egypt. Financial assistance is crucial for us as we have no source of income and have financial obligations in Egypt, such as monthly rent, food, drink, clothing, and the basic necessities of life. We are a family of six individuals, and my mother suffers from diabetes, microscopic colitis, and urinary incontinence. She requires expensive therapy sessions, so these funds will be directed towards all these expenses. Thank you.”


15- Testimonial from Tala

“I am Tala, a third-year medical student at Al-Azhar University in Gaza. After 100 days of suffering in the war, I was lucky to survive the ongoing genocide with my family. Unfortunately, we were stranded in Cairo without any income source to cover basic living expenses. Thank you, FQMS, for providing me with financial support and standing alongside medical students. Here we can manage living needs such as medicines, clothes, rent, and food. Sincerely,“


16- Testimonial from Seraj

“I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for your invaluable support. Your assistance has helped me purchase study materials, clothing, and cover rent and food expenses. I am immensely grateful for your generosity. Thank you sincerely.”


17- Testimonial from Tareq

“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for FQMS. This organisation is working nonstop and continuously to support medical students from Gaza, as well as the health care sector there.  I volunteer for several national and international organisations that also support medical students academically and professionally. I always see and touch the incredible work done by FQMS. I am writing this testimonial to express my appreciation to FQMS as a medical student from Gaza myself who is, also, externally displaced like many others of my classmates.  We hope FQMS and its partners continue their astonishing work following their Nobel mission statement. Thank you again”. 


18- Testimonial from Mohammed

My name is Mohammed and even though we have never met I want to start my story by saying I am grateful that you are reading this. I am a sixth-year medical student at GAZA. I was supposed to graduate THIS year. 2024 was supposed to be the year my dream came true. The finish line was so close and I could taste it. It was what I dreamed of. I am writing to you today with hope and gratitude. This is as we face a critical moment in my family’s journey towards a new life. Me, my parents, my sister and my elderly grandparents left Gaza and reached Egypt safely. However, we are now short of the funds needed to ensure my family’s basic needs are met and a safe place to live. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for FQMS in helping and supporting me to start over in life here in Egypt.”


19- Testimonial from Najwa

“Hello, I would like to share a part of my life with you. I’m Najwa, a fifth-year medical student at the Islamic University of Gaza. Like all Gazan people, my life was suddenly turned upside down. Instead of pursuing my dreams as a medical student and eagerly planning my elective course for the end of my fifth year, I found myself surrounded by destruction and the constant sounds of bombs exploding day and night. Leaving Gaza during the war was never an option for my family or me, despite having another passport that would have made leaving Gaza easier. We have always chosen to stay and endure all the aggressions and wars over the years. However, this war forced us to make the hardest decision we’ve ever made: leaving Gaza. We didn’t make this decision until it became the only and last option available to us. Israeli tanks were just 10 minutes from our home, and we had literally nowhere else to go.

My mother, brothers, and I managed to leave Gaza, but my father, an orthopaedic surgeon at Al-Shifa Hospital, chose to stay as one of the few doctors who remained in the north of Gaza when Israeli forces compelled people, including medical staff, to evacuate the hospital. During this period, even though we were physically outside of Gaza, our hearts and minds remained there. We constantly watched the news, fearing bad updates about our family, friends, or acquaintances. The lack of internet and poor telecommunications in Gaza made it extremely challenging to stay connected. We spent days trying to reach our dad, desperately seeking reassurance about his safety and hoping to avoid distressing news.

When a humanitarian truce began, my father and extended family were able to return home. However, when the truce ended, Israeli tanks surrounded our street and home again, trapping my family inside for over 20 days without access to basic necessities like food and water. Then, on December 19th, tragedy struck. My cousin Ahed, who was on the sixth floor trying to contact her father in Belgium, was injured when the floor she was on was suddenly bombed. She suffered severe bleeding, but the ongoing danger prevented anyone from reaching her, despite the hospital being just five minutes away. In a heart-breaking decision, my father had to amputate her leg at home without anaesthesia or proper medical equipment to save her life. Alhamdulillah, after enduring many days of suffering at home, the tanks eventually withdrew, allowing Ahed to finally reach the hospital for the urgent medical care she needed.

My story is just one of the many challenging experiences that Palestinians go through. I am truly grateful to FQMS for consistently supporting medical students in Gaza and offering assistance in any way they can. Thank you for reaching out to me and other Palestinian medical students outside Gaza to provide financial support during these unimaginably difficult times. We hope this war will end soon so that all people will be able to live a normal, peaceful life and achieve their dreams. Sincerely”


20- Testimonial from Nahed

” I’m Nahed, studying medicine at the Islamic University of Gaza. Recent events have completely changed my life. During the war, my family and I refused to leave, even though we had another passport that could have helped us leave. But when Israeli tanks got too close to our home, we had to go. While my mom, brothers, sister and I left, my dad stayed behind to continue his work as a surgeon at Al-Shifa Hospital. He stayed and continued his work in saving people. When there was a break in the fighting, my dad and our extended family returned home. But when the fighting resumed, they were stuck in our house for over 20 days without enough food or water. Then, something terrible happened. My cousin Ahed was badly injured during a bombing, and it was too risky to take her to the hospital. So, my dad had to perform an urgent leg amputation at home to save her life. I’m grateful for FQMS support, who have helped students like me during this difficult time. Your generosity means a lot to us. Thank you”.