2024 – Gazan medical students stranded abroad

Following the war on Gaza on October 7th, 2023, FQMS began providing assistance to medical students from Al-Azhar and the Islamic University of Gaza who were stranded abroad and cut off from their families. The students were provided with assistance to cover their living expenses until the war ends. Please read the testimonials to learn more about the students and their heartbreaking experiences.

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21- Testimonial from Manar

“I’m a fifth-year medical student at Al-Azhar University in Gaza and writing my story to you with a heavy heart. I lived through 6 aggressions before, which means my life was a series of nonstop massacres, but this one is just beyond any human ability. Since the announcement of IOF moving to the South, we’re living in a constant state of fear and not knowing what will happen next. My father refused to go there it was hard for him to leave his home, and the land where he belonged to. But when Israeli tanks got too close, dropping bombs and white phosphorus gas in our neighbourhood, this situation forced us to make the hardest decision we’ve ever made which is leaving my father behind.

We tried to evacuate our home holding a white flag in our right hand and the ID card in our left hand. When we went out from home we found the street full of martyrs. We’re rushing to get out under the sound of bombs and bullets. This scene hasn’t left my mind and still haunts me every night. 

We endured appalling conditions while being displaced in Rafah for two months. Then, my mother was evacuated to Egypt as a cancer patient and I came as a companion for her. Though my father and I were in contact, we were unable to get through to him due to a complete breakdown in the communications network. Until one of our neighbours called us, and said that the Israeli army had invaded our home and killed my father in cold blood. I was shocked, and my mother collapsed. He was a dedicated dentist serving at the UN, a hard worker, and sincere in every sense of the word. He inspired me to be a brilliant doctor just like him. 

I can’t express how much I appreciate FQMS for their generous financial support in ensuring our basic needs during this challenging time. I hope it goes further to help medical students pursue their studies, particularly those stuck in their last years.”


22- Testimonial from Husam

“As part of my medical training, I traveled from Gaza to the United States to complete a two-month observationship at the Advanced Surgery Unit at Providence Medical Centre in Portland, Oregon. However, just one month after my arrival, a devastating full-scale war broke out in my hometown of Gaza. Within a week, my family’s house was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike, followed by the complete devastation of the Islamic University of Gaza, where I studied, and the continuous targeting of Gaza hospitals.

Each day brought more heartbreaking news and images from Gaza. This eroded my hope of returning home and made it increasingly clear that going back would put my life at risk. Despite these challenges, I remained committed to advancing my education and career. To continue my professional development, I completed my observership and applied for a Master’s in Public Health program at the University of Washington in Seattle. I am pleased to share that I have recently been offered admission to the programme.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to FQMS for their financial support during this challenging time. Their assistance has been invaluable, as the resources I initially had for my two-month stay in the U.S. would not have been sufficient to support me for a longer period.”


23- Testimonial from Yara

” Thanks for the generous support of FQMS.

I am Yara, a Palestinian who escaped the war on Gaza, found refuge in Egypt amidst the turmoil. Their unwavering commitment to aiding individuals in need, especially during times of crisis, has been a beacon of hope for me and countless others.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of displacement, their support provided a sense of stability and hope for a brighter future. Their dedication to empowering individuals in dire circumstances is truly commendable.

I am forever grateful for their kindness and generosity, which has changed my life for the better. Thank you, FQMS, for supporting us and giving students a hope for a better future.”


24- Testimonial from Mustafa

“I’m Mustafa, a third-year medical student at Al-Azhar University in Gaza. My academic journey was interrupted on October 7th, and uncertainty surrounds the resumption of my studies. Having endured 130 days of conflict, I found myself separated from my family in Rafah, stranded in Egypt. I pen this letter to extend my sincere gratitude to FQMS for its invaluable support to students affected by such disruptions and for its unwavering commitment to bolstering the healthcare sector in Gaza. Your commitment to uplifting Gazan students and bolstering the healthcare sector in our homeland is truly commendable.”


25- Testimonial from Khaled

“I am a 5th-year medical student from Al-Azhar University. The war in Gaza shattered my world. Fleeing the constant danger and finding refuge in Egypt was a desperate act of survival, but it also meant leaving behind my home, my community, and even my academic progress.

Continuing my education became my sole focus. I was determined to rebuild my life and pursue my dreams. However, the financial strain on Palestinian families, including mine, made pursuing education in Egypt a daunting task. Transferring to a university here would require dropping back years and paying exorbitant tuition fees.” 

FQMS’s generosity and the belief they have shown in me have been instrumental in my journey. Their contribution goes beyond financial assistance; it’s a hope that shines brightly during these challenging times. I am incredibly grateful for their support.


26- Testimonial from Ghaith

“All the gratitude and appreciation to FQMS for supporting my medical education journey in the hardest times any human being is passing through. This is particularly for students who do not have a stable independent income due to the ongoing aggression on the beautiful Gaza. 

FQMS have proved that there is still hope in this world, there is still support, there is still a journey to fight for. We have already lost our families, friends, houses, income, and even our universities and education. 

Every medical student has big dreams to achieve but this war on Gaza has destroyed them all. However, we Palestinians will never surrender and we will keep fighting for our life-long dreams and freedom. With FQMS we can reach our dreams.”