Abdallateef’s Annual Project – 2024

Abood, a third-year medical student at An-Najah University, has been awarded a full undergraduate scholarship through our partnership with the Madrinha Trust. Learn more about his annual community-based project below:

“The preservation of health ranks supreme in the hierarchy of life’s priorities, its worth beyond measure. Therefore, it behooves each individual to nurture and safeguard it vigilantly, mindful of the irreversible consequences that may arise from its neglect.

As diabetes and high blood pressure are common health concerns for adults and the elderly, my colleagues Dana, Raghad, Mustafa, and I have chosen to visit the village of Sarra in Nablus.

Our goal is to conduct blood sugar and blood pressure tests in vibrant neighbourhoods, offering health advice and answering any questions residents may have about these conditions. We also aim to address misconceptions and provide guidance on healthier habits.

The activity commenced with introductions and seeking permission from the people to conduct comprehensive health tests encompassing blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. Subsequently, we offered personalised health advice aimed at enhancing their well-being, along with distributing informative brochures detailing strategies to mitigate the risk of contracting and managing diabetes and high blood pressure.

The enthusiastic response from the community was heartening, particularly as it revealed a significant portion had not undergone these examinations for a long time. We emphasised the importance of regular health screenings for these conditions, fostering a sense of commitment to ongoing care.

Overall, the event proved immensely successful, leaving a positive impact on the community.”