Salah’s Annual Project – 2024

Salah is currently studying medicine at Al-Quds University. He was awarded an undergraduate scholarship through our partnership with the Madrinha Trust. Learn more about his annual community-based project implemented in April 2024.

The “Health Horizons” project aimed to address the healthcare needs of the underserved remote area of Hadril by organising a free medical check-up day. The event focused on providing essential health screenings, consultations, and education to the local community to promote better health outcomes and well-being.

Project Objective:

To improve access to healthcare services for the residents of Hadril, particularly those who face barriers to accessing medical care due to geographical remoteness, financial constraints, or lack of awareness.

Project Outline: The project involved the following components:

  • Health Screenings: The event offered free screenings for blood pressure, glucose levels, and cholesterol tests to identify potential health risks and conditions early on.
  • Consultations: Attendees spoke with healthcare professionals about their screening results and general health concerns, receiving personalised advice and guidance.
  • Health Education: Workshops were conducted on topics such as nutrition, exercise, and preventative care to empower participants with knowledge and resources for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Referral Services: Participants who required further medical attention or specialist care were guided and referrals to appropriate healthcare providers or facilities.

The project was conducted through collaborative efforts with local health authorities, volunteer medical students, and experienced healthcare event organisers. Planning and coordination involved identifying suitable venues, recruiting and training volunteers, securing the necessary equipment and supplies, and promoting the event within the community.

  • The medical day included our medical booths for (blood pressure, blood sugar, blood ABO type, oxygen and pulse measures, memory and stroop tests) + reception and welcoming corner.
  • Two shifts included working on the same station for 1:30  hours straight, then switching to the other 2 stations till the end of the medical day.
  • Other specialties were on the ground with us, such as (Nutrition and Physiotherapy),
  • Number of doctors and specialists to be part of our medical day private mini clinic,  in collaboration with Bani Na’im municipality and the Red  Palestinian Crescent.

The event successfully provided essential healthcare services to Hadril residents, with a significant turnout and positive feedback from participants. Many individuals benefited from the screenings, consultations, and educational workshops, gaining valuable insights into their health status and receiving guidance for improving their well-being.

The project had a positive impact on the community by raising awareness about preventive healthcare measures, facilitating early detection of health issues, and fostering a culture of proactive health management. By addressing immediate healthcare needs and promoting long-term health practices, “Health Horizons” contributed to improving overall health outcomes and quality of life in the underserved remote area of Hadril.

The project achieved its objective of organising a successful and beneficial free medical check-up day for the Hadril community. Through collaborative efforts and a comprehensive approach to healthcare provision, the project has made significant strides in addressing healthcare disparities and promoting health equity in the region

It is recommended to continue organising similar healthcare initiatives periodically to sustain the momentum generated by “Health Horizons” and ensure ongoing access to essential healthcare services for Hadril residents. Additionally, efforts should be made to expand outreach and engagement strategies to reach more individuals in need of medical care and health education.