Dana’s Annual Project – 2024

Dana, a third-year medical student at An Najah University, has been awarded a full undergraduate scholarship through our partnership with the Madrinha Trust. Check out her annual community-based project:

“Because it is the most precious thing in our lives, the thing we cannot do anything without, the thing money cannot buy, we had to do anything to raise people’s awareness about health and its problems. So my colleagues Raghad, Abdallateef, Mostafa and I decided to measure the blood sugar, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and heart rate of Sarah Village residents.

It was an exciting experience because all the residents were kind and helpful. We also dispelled misconceptions about diabetes and high blood pressure. Finally, we distributed some booklets containing information about these diseases such as their symptoms, types and causes. Also, we advised them to undergo regular examination and not to neglect any symptoms or signs that appear, because sometimes these small signs may lead to another serious disease.

In conclusion, I think community projects play a vital role in fostering unity, addressing local needs, and creating positive change. Through collaboration and active engagement, these initiatives benefit the community directly and promote a sense of ownership and responsibility among residents. While each project may have its challenges and areas for improvement, their collective impact contributes significantly to building stronger, more resilient communities.”