Haya’s Annual Project – 2024

Haya, a second-year medical student at Al-Quds University, has been awarded a full undergraduate scholarship through our partnership with the Madrinha Trust. Learn more about her annual community-based project below.

Blood Pressure: An Indicator of Stress in the Light of the Current Situation

“As we embarked on our journey to conceptualise this project, little did we anticipate the overwhelming response from individuals eager to engage in proactive health monitoring. The turnout exceeded our expectations and affirmed the community’s interest in health initiatives.

This response served as a testament to our core objective: to conduct comprehensive blood pressure assessments for a diverse cross-section of individuals at Manger Square in Bethlehem.

Once we finalised the framework of our project, we began the process of obtaining approval from the Bethlehem municipality to proceed with our initiative. Despite the lengthy approval process, the outcome was highly motivating, spurring us to continue.

The municipality graciously provided an ideal location, complete with a table and chairs, to ensure people could comfortably measure their blood pressure. Moreover, we were provided with a serene location to provide individuals with information aimed at helping them maintain their health beyond the event.

With everything in place, our main focus was ensuring our table remained available, our Sphygmomanometers were functioning properly, and we had an ample supply of brochures in both Arabic and English to distribute to people. Once we ensured that everything was in order, we noticed that people were already eagerly awaiting us to measure their blood pressure and assess their health status.

We initially began with a sizable group of individuals, which grew as more people gathered and brought along their friends and relatives. In addition to tourists in the area, participants rose steadily.

Ultimately, my colleague and I were delighted with our success, overcoming all obstacles on our path. We successfully assisted a large number of people of various nationalities, with the majority being Palestinians.

To summarise, the daily events that unfold around us have a profound impact on our mental and physical well-being, often without our immediate recognition.

As future doctors within our community, it’s incumbent upon us to remind individuals about self-care and how to prioritise it. Through initiatives like these, we’ve taken a small step towards fulfilling our ongoing commitment to support and educate our community for as long as we’re able”.