Majed’s Annual Project – 2024

Majed, a third-year medical student at Al-Quds University, has been awarded a full undergraduate scholarship through our partnership with the Madrinha Trust. Learn more about his annual community-based project below:

This project aimed to check on people’s health, mental and physical, by measuring the blood pressure of as many as possible in Manger Square in Bethlehem. The focus of such activity was to bring hypertension as a disease and its association with stress to the light and raise public awareness of the seriousness it hides.

Project Objective. To present the topic of hypertension and stress to the public by measuring the BP of several individuals serving different roles in their communities of all ages. Inspired by the current situation and its impact on one’s health.

The event included several components:

  • BP measurement: Everyone in the area was offered this service, regardless of age, gender or physical appearance.
  • Brochures: Anyone, whether his/her measurement was taken or not, was given a brochure providing the basic information a regular member of the community should know.
  • Referral services: Individuals who encountered an abnormality in their measurements were advised to consult a specialist to further explore his/her health status.

For the event to take place, a series of actions needed to be done:

1) First, permission from Bethlehem municipality was necessary to initiate the process.

2) Then we had to secure a corner in the area with a table and chairs for people to rest on while their BP is measured.

3) More importantly, several Sphygmomanometers were needed, to accommodate the huge number of people there.

4) Finally, brochures about the topic in both languages, English and Arabic, were printed to further enhance people’s knowledge and awareness of the topic.

Fortunately, the project has fulfilled its purpose of reminding people to measure their BP frequently and raising their awareness of hypertension’s seriousness and its association with stress. The project was successful to the point where participants themselves recruited their friends and other people they know to check on their health too!

To sum up, everyday events affect our mental and physical health in a profound way that we, most of the time, don’t even notice it. It is our duty, as the future doctors of our community, to remind people to take care of themselves and how. By holding this activity, we’ve only done a small part of our job that we are committed to doing for as long as we can.

In the days to come, our only hope is for public awareness of the several diseases to increase and not to decline. This cannot be done without the help of my colleagues holding such events and doing much more.