Mustafa’s Annual Project – 2024

Mustafa, a second-year medical student at An Najah University, has been awarded a full undergraduate scholarship through our partnership with the International Arab Charity. Check out his annual community-based project:

“Diabetes and hypertension are very concerning diseases in our community and both have high morbidity and mortality rates especially in Palestine. So in order to raise people’s awareness in our community about those diseases my colleagues Abdallateef, Raghad, Dana, and I decided to do blood pressure, blood glucose, and oxygen tests for the citizens in Sarra village near Nablus and also give them instruction in how to manage and prevent those diseases.

My colleagues and I went to Sarra village and started going to places such as markets and restaurants and taking permission from the elderly (because they have a high risk of developing diabetes and hypertension) to conduct those tests, and after seeing the results some of them had diabetes and some of them had hypertension and some of them had both, we gave them information accordingly on how to manage and prevent the progress of these diseases.

It was a very enjoyable and exciting experience. All the people in the village were very helpful and they even started calling others to take the tests and they were very understanding. Finally, I believe raising awareness in Palestinian villages is a crucial part of developing and nurturing our communities’ health.”