Raghad’s Annual Project – 2024

Raghad, a second-year medical student at An Najah University, has been awarded a full undergraduate scholarship through our partnership with the Madrinha Trust. Check out her annual community-based project:

“In our quest to support community health, my fellow medical students and I embarked on an inspiring mission called “Enlighten Nablus.” In our journey as medical students, we advocate a proactive approach, and value the power of prevention over cure.

Our motto is early detection coupled with an enlightened life that avoids dire consequences. We are responsible for spreading awareness among adults, especially those over 40, who are most vulnerable to chronic diseases. My group Dana, Mustafa, Abdallateef and I on Thursday, 25/4/2024 went to Sarra village adjacent to Nablus, and embarked on a journey of education and empowerment.

There we entered the local stores, introduced ourselves as medical students, and explained about diabetes and high blood pressure in an easy, simple way. We listened patiently and connected with each individual, while gently dispelling myths and misconceptions. With consent being our cornerstone, we conduct blood glucose test, blood pressure test and the heart rate and blood oxygen level test to reassure everyone about their health.

But our mission extended to more than diagnosis; it was about empowerment through understanding. We distributed awareness leaflets to reinforce our advice.

Having done wonderful collective work in the village, we left, realising that our collective efforts had planted awareness seeds.  Together, we deliver the most effective work.”