Medical Students Volunteering in Gaza Hospitals

During a recent visit to Gaza in March 2024, the Chairman of FQMS met with students from the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) and Al-Azhar University. Many of these medical students volunteered in local hospitals during the war, acting as the backbone of support for doctors and gaining practical experience and knowledge through these apprenticeships. They committed significant time—such as three days per week for at least two months.

To support their efforts, FQMS provided financial assistance. This funding aims to ensure that these students can focus on their training and volunteer work without the added stress of financial strain.

In the first phase, FQMS, in collaboration with PalMontada (The Palestinian Medical Forum), distributed financial aid to 53 medical students, primarily those in clinical years (4th to 6th), working across various departments. A small group from foundational years (2nd and 3rd) focused on wound care departments. These medical students are volunteering at the European Gaza Hospital, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, Abu Yousef Al-Najar Hospital, Naser Medical Complex, and Tal Al-Sultan Clinic.

To help us continue our work and assist more medical students and doctors, please donate to the Gaza Appeal via the link below.

Check out some testimonials and photos below.

“We are writing to convey our deepest appreciation for the generous support provided by Al-Quds Foundation for Medical Schools in Palestine during the recent war on Gaza.

We are pleased to inform you that the fund distribution has been successfully completed.

Your organisation’s commitment to humanitarian aid is truly commendable, and the impact of your generosity has been significant. On behalf of all those involved, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your unwavering support.

We look forward to future collaboration with FQMS as we continue our efforts to support students in need.

Warm regards”

Palestinian Medical Forum – Student Branch

“Soon after the beginning of the ground invasion on Rafah, we were ordered to leave by the IOF. So, we got displaced for the fifth time, moving into a tent. During these hard times and using the FQMS financial support for me as a medical volunteer, I was able to help my family with the expenses of leaving Rafah safely and setting up our tent.”

Medical sTUDENT

“I am a 5th year medical student who has volunteered at Alaqsa hospital since the beginning of this war. As the hospital is far from my home, I used this support as pocket money to cover my transportation fees and other expenses.”

Medical sTUDENT

“I am originally from northern Gaza, and when we had to leave our home there, I couldn’t take anything of my medical equipment. While volunteering in the internal medicine department, I needed a stethoscope. I used this support to buy one, so that I could improve my ability to examine patients properly.”

Medical Student

“After the direct bombing and complete destruction of my house in Gaza city, I lost all my stuff and clothes. I used this support to buy essential things back again.”

Medical Student