2024 – Gazan medical students stranded abroad

Following the war on Gaza on October 7, 2023, FQMS began providing financial assistance to medical students from Al-Azhar University and the Islamic University of Gaza who were stranded abroad and cut off from their families. These students received support to cover part of their living expenses and navigate the challenges they face. Please read their testimonials to learn more about their heartbreaking experiences.

If you are a stranded student from Gaza experiencing similar circumstances, please complete this form: [Click Here].

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31- Testimonial from Linda

“I am a medical student at Al Azhar university. Now I am in Egypt and trying to start over in my life because we lost everything due to the war in Gaza. Your organisation’s commitment to humanitarian aid is truly commendable, and the impact of your generosity has been significant. I thank you very much for your great efforts. 

Best regards”


32- Testimonial from Tala

“I was preparing for my third year of medical school, halfway to becoming a doctor at Al Azhar university when the war came and destroyed everything. After 7 months of war in Gaza, I traveled to Egypt to complete my journey to become a doctor.

However, difficulties continued due to the loss caused by the war so your support has been very valuable to me. I really appreciate your effort for helping us.” 


33- Testimonial from Haya

“I am Haya, a medical student who escaped the war on Gaza. The financial aid helps me provide the basic necessary needs in life after my family became without income. FQMS have proved that there is still hope in this world, there is still support, there is still a journey to fight for. 

I am forever grateful for their kindness and generosity, which has changed my life for the better.

Thanks for the generous support of FQMS”


35- Testimonial from Seham

“As this war continued to disrupt our lives, I was compelled to flee the Gaza strip, leaving my family and memories, where the ongoing genocide continues. I’m now fighting alone in this vast world to pursue my educational journey. I am deeply grateful for your support; you helped me pay my apartment rent. I hope you continue to support every student who sacrifices everything in these difficult circumstances.

Thank you so much.”