FQMS is a British based charity, founded in 1997, with the aim of advancing medical education in Palestine.

Our focus is on Palestinian medical education and postgraduate training. Palestinian medical graduates are of a high level of knowledge and such a valuable resource should be used to perpetuate not just university education, but also the wider healthcare system it feeds. Our aim is to help create leaders and educators to drive an area of high quality healthcare self-sufficiency.

When FQMS was formed there was only one medical school, the Faculty of Medicine at the Abu Dies campus of Al-Quds University. Undergraduates came from all over the West Bank and Gaza to study. From an early date, some students received the first two years of instruction in Gaza at Al-Azhar University and in Nablus at An-Najah University and from that separate medical schools developed. The Islamic University of Gaza formed a school of medicine a few years later.

Khaled Dawas


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Al Quds Medical School


FQMS has worked with the medical schools to increase the quality and range of training available, initially through supporting PhD students and now sponsoring postgraduate sub-specialism training in areas that are lacking.



We work with trusted and experienced local and international charities to achieve our aims.



The accounts are prepared by the treasurer, audited and then presented to members at the Annual General Meeting.