Abdelrahman at the Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International Conference

Abdelrahman at the Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International Conference

“Thanks to the generosity of FQMS, I was able to present my poster, “Migration and Health in Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities” at Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International Conference (Ethox).

The conference took place from July 17th – July 18th, 2017 at Keble College, University of Oxford and shed light on different global health issues such as vaccination, refugee healthcare, global health and bioethics. This opportunity was particularly important to me, as it opened many new horizons for my future research network.”

Abdelrahman’s poster focused on the many deficiencies in the provision of primary healthcare for refugees who are internally displaced or those who migrated to other Middle East Countries. The shortage in healthcare delivery includes inadequate antenatal care for pregnant women, as around 52% of advanced cancer patients among refugees in Lebanon and Jordan have not received treatment. The data also showed that there is a deficiency in following up on the psychological effects of war on refugees.

The paper made a number of recommendations, most important of which is paying more attention to refugees’ antenatal care and increasing the support to psychological and healthcare programmes provided by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

For Abdelrahman, “This was one of the greatest experiences I ever had,” as he “had amazing time exploring the university of Oxford, meeting its Professors and coaches and to discover some parts of the beautiful London for first time in my life”.

This opportunity not only enabled Abdelrahman to present his poster at this global forum, but also it allowed him to expand his research network and as a result he received an offer to publish his paper in the highly-ranked journal, “Global Bioethics”.

Dr. Burns-Cox Visit to Gaza – May 2017

Dr. Burns-Cox Visit to Gaza – May 2017

 “I arrived at Erez crossing to Gaza and was met by Bassem, PR Officer for the Islamic University in Gaza.

On the Saturday, we went to the European Hospital where the clinical exams were to take place in the Out-Patients department. The ‘written’ part of the Clinical Medicine exam had taken place already using MCQs with electronic scoring.

I had met the senior doctors examining previously. There were 31 female and 37 male students to be examined. There were two sets of 5 ten minute OSCE stations carried out in English.

My visit was at the invitation of Dr. Anwar Alshaikhkhalil, Vice-dean of the Faculty of Medicine, IUG.

He has been able to travel outside Gaza and is very up-to-date on exam techniques and the details and practicalities of the Gaza exams are a tribute to his knowledge, hard work and leadership.

I very much enjoyed my visit and was honoured to have been invited. Thank you to FQMS you’re your support.”

Chairman’s Report Summer 2017

FQMS is in its 3rd decade and continues to expand its reach and scope. Thank you to many of you who attended our Annual Fund Raising Dinner at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel on the 3rd March 2017. We had a full ballroom with more than 220 guests and supporters. The dinners are always packed with entertainment and fund raising activities. This year they were organised by Dr Rawya Charif. Ahmed Masoud talked about his struggles ensuring his education and entertained many with the Dabkeh folk dance he led. Omar Kamal, the rising Palestinian singer, was excellent and brought all to their feet with his rendition of the famous tune “Mawtini” (My Home). Emilia Parker, accompanied by David Merriman, delighted with her soothing singing and music and Alexei Sayle brought his renowned wit and humour to the stage. The list of those who contributed is very long and I thank all of you.

Ultimately the success of the evening is measured by your enjoyment and the money we raised for medical education in Palestine. You raised over £138,000. The Al Qattan Foundation and Mr and Mrs Rishani were two of the many exceedingly generous donors this year. Consequently we continue to support our key projects including bursaries for excelling medical students in need, providing accommodation for students away from home, supporting students to experience medicine outside Palestine and qualified doctors needing to pass English proficiency tests to enter training posts in the UK.

Over the coming year we shall be interviewing doctors applying to sub specialise in the UK. Dr Lina Nashef takes a leading role in this process and travels to Palestine to interview candidates. We shall also be involved in placing students at various hospitals in the UK for their electives in the summer. New projects we are considering include a dedicated campus bus to ease the transport difficulty in Gaza. We are also studying proposals for new postgraduate leadership degrees for doctors.

FQMS survives on your generosity and the contacts we build. We very much value our partnerships with the Madrinha Trust, MAP and the Asfari Foundation in the UK. Graduates of the Palestinian medical schools tell us of the high regard in which FQMS is held. Please bear FQMS in mind if you are planning your Zakat this year. I would also, very much, welcome your proposals, suggestions and collaborations in medical education.

We hope to keep the family growing … and educated.

Khaled Dawas

Madrinha Trust Update Summer 2017

Madrinha Trust Update Summer 2017

We value our partnership with the Madrinha Trust very much. Four more scholarships were recently accepted, Hisham (IUG), Mahmoud (Al-Quds), Angham (An-Najah) and Khaled (Al-Azhar). Majd and Mohammed are continuing to progress well in their third year. Raneen, Ayman, Haitham and Mahmoud are coming to the end of their undergraduate studies and will hopefully be joining Majd in the world of life as a qualified doctor. We hope that before this Haitham and Mahmoud will be able to make it out of Gaza for their electives. We wish them and the rest of this summer’s elective students an enjoyable learning experience abroad.

Here we share a letter from Majd, who graduated from Al-Quds last summer, about her new life as a doctor:


“Do what you love and love what you do”

The thought of my graduation day played in my mind for years; the stage decorations, the vibrant auditorium, the matching academic dresses. When it arrived it was not the ceremony that excited us as graduates, but rather the significance of this practice. To me, graduation resembles change; the small key which opens big doors.

After 6 years of hard work I had earned the title “doctor”, which is truly a huge responsibility. Life as a doctor is somehow much more complicated than I had thought. Now I have to deal with all kinds of patients, giving them the best I can, whilst keeping myself up to date, doing more reading than before whilst also improving my practical skills.

Coffee is still my favourite part of starting a day. I drink coffee and listen to music everyday while walking to the bus station heading to Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah, where I am doing my internship. I have done 8 months so far in 4 different departments. I have enjoyed internal medicine the most!

Having no exams is such a relief and a great deal to do lots of things; I go to gym every other day, have started learning to drive and enjoy hiking. I have also participated in a 10km run in Bethlehem and am planning another in May.

Meanwhile, I am preparing for my next step, residency! My favourite motto was and still is “do what you love and love what you do”. I love medicine and this is why I always give my best and will continue to improve myself in this field. I am so grateful to the Madrhina Trust and of course you, for making my dreams come true.

Introducing our New Vice Chairman: Nihad Tamimi

I am originally a Canterbury based renal physician, after having practised medicine for more than 20 years; I joined the pharmaceutical industry and then worked for Pfizer for 15 years. I am semi-retired now, doing part-time consulting work for the pharmaceutical industry.

I have been a trustee for almost a year, but have been aware of the great job that FQMS has been doing to support medical education in Palestine for many years. I am also now the Vice Chairman of the charity.

I have helped mentor Palestinian trainees in the UK and Jordan and have been impressed by the high calibre of the Palestinian physicians. I am hopeful that with your support FQMS will continue to expand its support base, so that we can ensure that medical education in Palestine is able to flourish. I look forward to working with you and other trustees to achieve this goal.

Update from Jehad Hammad at Kings College London Summer 2017

Update from Jehad Hammad at Kings College London Summer 2017

Jehad is Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the IUG. FQMS supported the initial creation of his “Pharmacology Animation Book”, which enabled him to get a scholarship through the Zamala Fellowship Programme to go to KCL to develop it further.

Over the last three months at the Pharmacology Department at the KCL, I have been involved in many educational activities in addition to revising and updating my “Pharmacology Animation Book”.

Hi Dr. Brain,

Just wanted to say that the Dr. Hammad was amazing. I have never learned anything so fast and hope to have him for more tutorials, if that is possible? Also, can I get the link for his animations, as they were very good?



I ran tutorial sessions for third year pharmacology students using my new animation tool, which was highly appreciated by the students. Professor Susan Brain, the Head of Pharmacology Department, received much positive feedback from the students. Additionally I was honored to officially peer review the lectures delivered by the head of Pharmacology Department and her team, as well as attending official department meetings at KCL.

All in all this is proving to be a great learning experience, which would never have been possible if FQMS had not supported the initial work on my animation book.

Accommodation Update Summer 2017

Accommodation Update Summer 2017

We continue to provide temporary student accommodation for students at Al Quds Medical School in their clinical years. This accommodation is “the first and last option” for more than 310 students each year training in hospitals away from home. FQMS now rents seven lodgings for students, five in Hebron and two in Ramallah.


“It is really difficult to be in Hebron for 2 weeks without having a place to sleep or study, as travelling between Hebron and Jenin takes about 3 hours. I used the flat that are located on Abo Kitalih. It was in good condition and furnished with suitable utilities.”  Loay


“It helped me a lot both financial and physically it’s so difficult to transporting from Bethlehem to Ramallah daily, so it’s a great idea to find an apartment 10 mins from the hospital ” Duaa


“It is really challenging to be in Hebron for 4 weeks without having place to sleep as the distance from Hebron to Abu Deis (where I live) is too long and a wasted time and money. It was really comfortable and peaceful being there” Ali


“I did a surgery rotation for 5 weeks at Almezan hospital. It had all facilities that students need from bed till wifi. It was a very nice experience.” Sarah


“I’m Omar Abo Shamah a 4th year medical student from Ramallah. I did an internal medicine rotation on Al-Alhi hospital for 5 weeks during that time I used the flats that are allocated for 4th year students in Hebron it was a nice experience that saved my time, so that I could study and saved a lot of money that I had to pay daily.” Omar

Bursaries Update Summer 2017

Bursaries Update Summer 2017

Last year, we raised £24,000 which was divided equally amongst the four medical schools, £6,000 each.

These bursaries are intended for talented students, with higher than average scores and broad ability, who are also in extreme financial need. The funds are channelled to students in the middle of the programme and are not graduate debt relief. In total 35 students benefited, with funds helping to pay fees and living costs.

“The Scholarship help me a lot in different ways. It helped me complete my university fee and buy three books for my study. I am very thankful for you because you choose me for this scholarship.” Ahmad

“The award helped me to cover the expenses of medical books for this semester and part of the semester fees. Thanks for enabling this opportunity.” Maram

I want to say thanks a lot for your donation. I hope you to continue to help the students who can’t pay for his studies.” Mohannad

Madrinha Trust Scholarships Update Autumn 2016

Madrinha Trust Scholarships Update Autumn 2016

Our partnership with the Madrinha Trust continues, with more scholarships currently proposed. This year was mixed with success and disappointments. Majd graduated from Al-Quds with high marks and is now working. Raneen and Ayman successfully made it to their elective in Turkey and England respectively. However, Haitham and Mahmoud were not so lucky. They were amongst many students who were unable to make it out of Gaza for their electives; hopefully they will make it next summer. Majd and Mohammed have moved into their third year and are progressing well.