To get in touch, please contact us at

To ensure that your requests can be dealt with swiftly, we advise that all communication be in English.

Please see below, if you require financial support for conferences, electives or university fees.

Conference Support

Please ensure that you apply as soon as possible, as funding is normally only considered for applicants who apply a minimum of 6 weeks in advance.

Along with your letter of application, please provide us with the following information:

  • details and website of the conference
  • an abstract submitted and accepted by the conference organisers at a reputable┬áconference
  • details on the type of presentation that will be given: oral or poster presentation
  • a letter of support from the dean
  • a detailed budget with details on how much funding is being applied for and to cover what parts
  • how much money has already been raised to cover the costs

Elective Support

If you are a Palestinian medical student, please contact your university directly, as they have the most up to date information and are in charge of distributing the funds.

If you would like to do your elective placement in Palestine, please contact your local branch of IFMSA or IFMSA Palestine, as they have experience organising electives and international exchanges, so will have the most up to date information.

Bursaries and Scholarships

Through our bursary programme, we do offer support for Palestinian medical students who are experiencing hardship. We also have a partnership with another charity for full scholarships.

However, we do so upon recommendation from the medical schools we work with in Palestine. If you need financial aid, please contact your university directly to see how they can assist you.