Whether you run a marathon, organise an event, attend one of ours or donate, there are plenty of ways you can help us advance Palestinian medical education in Gaza and the West Bank.

University of Essex Event

Fundraise for us

Take on a challenge, raise money in your community or get your company involved. We'll support and help you through the process.


Attend our Events

FQMS social events don't just raise money for medical education in Palestine. They're also a fantastic night or day out in beautiful locations, where you can meet interesting people.


Donate To Palestinian Medical Education & Clinical Training

Whether your donation is large or small, any amount is welcome and would be put to great use.

Gaza teaching

Job and Voluntary Opportunities

Do you want to advance medical education in Palestine? Read about job and voluntary opportunities at FQMS here.

Artists for FQMS

Become an Artist for FQMS

FQMS is supported by artists through donations towards our auctions and exhibitions. Become an Artist for FQMS today and help medical education in Palestine.