Student shared temporary accommodation during clinical placements

The lack of a university hospital at Al-Quds University means that medical students are spread across a wide area during their clinical placements. Medical students in their clinical years have to be distributed among many hospitals in Jerusalem and cities of West Bank, from Jenin in north to Hebron in south. Israeli barriers and checkpoints between Palestinian villages, camps and cities, make it almost impossible for students to commute to their training hospitals. The faculty of medicine created the solution for that situation by providing accommodations for students in Hebron and Ramallah. This accommodation is “the first and last option” for more than 120 students each year training in hospitals away from home. FQMS now rents seven lodgings for students, with five in Hebron (three for male students and two for female students) and two in Ramallah (one for male students and one for female students). With the increase in student numbers and the worsening of the security situation in the West Bank, it has become essential to provide two extra flats: one in Ramallah and another in Hebron. The accommodation is furnished with the basics, so that the students can sleep, study and cook for themselves. This accommodation roughly costs £35,000 annually to run.




Summer 2017







“It is really challenging to be in Hebron for 4 weeks without having place to sleep as the distance from Hebron to Abu Deis (where I live) is too long and a wasted time and money. It was really comfortable and peaceful being there”




“It helped me a lot both financial and physically it’s so difficult to transporting from Bethlehem to Ramallah daily, so it’s a great idea to find an apartment 10 mins from the hospital.” Duaa




“It is really difficult to be in Hebron for 2 weeks without having a place to sleep or study, as travelling between Hebron and Jenin takes about 3 hours. I used the flat that are located on Abo Kitalih. It was in good condition and furnished with suitable utilities.”




“I did a surgery rotation for 5 weeks at Almezan hospital. It had all facilities that students need from bed till wifi. It was a very nice experience.” Sarah




“I’m Omar Abo Shamah a 4th year medical student from Ramallah. I did an internal medicine rotation on Al-Alhi hospital for 5 weeks during that time I used the flats that are allocated for 4th year students in Hebron it was a nice experience that saved my time, so that I could study and saved a lot of money that I had to pay daily.”



“I did a cardiac surgery rotation for 2 weeks in Hebron at Al-Ahli hospital. I used our faculty flats in Hebron. I think there’s nothing better than having a room to sleep and study without spending your time travelling between cities.” Suha




“I did a 5 week surgical rotation in Ramallah. I used the faculty apartment. It helped me a lot, saving time and money from travelling from Hebron to Ramallah daily and from finding an apartment on my own”