Undergraduate Scholarships

We partner with The Madrinha Trust on our undergraduate scholarship programme. Scholarships are given to students who are excelling in their course, show leadership abilities and want to give back to their community, but have been having financial difficulties.

Since this partnership began, 15 of our students have been sponsored with 5 now working as doctors in Palestine.


Here are the graduates from this programme:

Majd – Al Quds – 2016
Ayman – Al Quds – 2017
Mahmoud – IUG – 2017
Raneen – Al Quds – 2017
Haytham – IUG – 2017





Here are our current students in this programme:

Angham – An Najah
Hadeel – Al Azhar
Hisham – IUG
Khaled – Al Azhar
Majd – Al Quds
Mahmoud – Al Quds
Asma – Al Azhar
Mohammed – IUG
Najwah – Al Azhar
Shahad – Al Azhar



Madrinha Trust Event Summer 2018
Summer 2017
Autumn 2016