Accommodation For Medical Students On Clinical Placements

In 2002, Al Quds University Medical School approached FQMS to help fund accommodation for their medical students during their clinical placements.


Map of the West Bank

Al Quds University doesn’t have a university hospital for its students to train in their clinical years. These are the 4th, 5th and 6th years of medical school.

During this period medical students train in hospitals and clinics in Jerusalem and the West Bank, from Jenin in north to Hebron in south.

Israeli barriers and checkpoints between Palestinian villages, camps and cities, make it difficult for students to travel on a daily basis to their training hospitals.


Through the support of FQMS the Faculty of Medicine provides temporary student accommodation in Hebron and Ramallah. This makes the clinical years easier for their students.

This accommodation is often “the first and last option” for more than 120 students each year training in hospitals away from home.

FQMS now rents 7 flats:

  • 5 in Hebron (3 for male students and 2 for female students)
  • 2 in Ramallah (1 for male students and 1 for female students)

The accommodation is furnished with the basics, so that the students can sleep, study and cook for themselves.

This accommodation costs around £30,000 annually.


With the increase in student numbers and the worsening of the security situation in the West Bank, more accommodation for medical students is needed.

We would like to provide two extra flats: one in Ramallah and another in Hebron.


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