Khamis Elessi

Dr Khamis – journey to the UK

Read Dr Khamis’ account of his journey to the UK:

“Warm greetings from Gaza.

I have just come back from the United Kingdom to my beloved yet still-besieged city of Gaza. During my 20 days visit to the UK (from 16th July until 3rd August 2019), I visited the historic city of Oxford where I was able to catch the final day of the EBM-LIVE 19 Conference. After that my schedule was very busy with useful meetings and talks.

On my agenda were meetings with:

  • Professor Carl Heneghan – Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.
  • Sir Iain Chalmers – former Chief Editor of James Lind Library – to discuss new research ideas and future collaboration.
  • Emeritus Professor Dr John Judkin to discuss the proposed plans to prevent and reduce the incidence and the number of complications from non-communicable diseases.
  • Dr Liz Grant – Director of Global Health at Edinburgh University – where we discussed our plans to introduce a Diploma for Palliative Care in Gaza.
  • Scottish MSP Dr Pauline McNeil and other councillors in the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh.
  • Glasgow council chambers and was welcomed by 4 MPs and councillors. We discussed how to support Palestinians, especially in Gaza, by campaigning to lift the siege and the possibility of twinning the municipality of Gaza.
  • Dr Ibtahim Khadra – Associate Professor at Strathclyde University – and discussed with him the chances for getting more of our students to do postgraduate courses and receive grants.
  • Scottish Society of Art where we discussed how art and films can highlight the daily suffering of Palestinians. Also how films and art can help overcome the siege, by improving people’s mood.

I was also invited to give the following talks:

  • Clinical auditing and health service quality improvement by the Upper GI surgery department at UCLH.
  • Pain and palliative care issues at the Lancet Journal by Executive Editor Dr Tamara Lucas.

This trip was one of the most yielding and outstanding scientific trips I’ve had. Finally, I grab this opportunity to reiterate my sincere thanks and esteemed gratitude for FQMS and its management team. The timely financial extended to me during this trip by all, especially Khaled and Rita, and for their kindness and continued support.

Truly yours,

Dr. Khamis Elessi”

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